Mission Vision

We are Xpert Visa Council, help the Bangladeshi youngsters settling via education followed by job and career in New Zealand with additional advantage of settling in Australia after 5 years of residency in New Zealand.


In this age of openness and global interaction, we need to establish our long desired position in the world as a vibrant, efficient and rule abiding Bengali nation. And in Xpert Visa Council, we believe that it is only possible through the channel of English education because of the intensive reach of the language all over. Though we pride ourselves as a Bengali nation, we still need to connect with the outer world for trade, commerce and awareness. And this can only be done via English and English medium education.

It is with this thought in mind, Xpert Visa Council has teamed up with the very best to provide admission and study visa for aspiring youngsters in New Zealand. The advantages are manifold.

First, as New Zealand is a peace loving English speaking cosmopolitan society, Bangladeshi youngsters can easily assimilate and integrate in New Zealand.

Second, they can also take up the subject of their choice and complete their course of study in New Zealand with a qualification that has global acceptance.

Third, after completion of study, students get the advantage of lenient New Zealand Immigration Laws for tertiary students and thus can work in New Zealand for up to 3 years or more and recover a major cost of their study. This is in addition to the income students may have while they are still a student after HSC when they are allowed to work for up to 20 hours per week in New Zealand to recover their living expenses like food, accommodation, transportation and so on.

And by the time a student graduates and joins a job in New Zealand or comes back to Bangladesh, they may have recovered a significant part of their expenses. In addition, the work experience they gather overseas makes them responsible professionals inculcating a sense of etiquette, discipline, soberness, and practicality.

All these, and some other advantages combine to make our HSC pass students global professionals who are sought after by the business world including reputed national organizations, MNCs and overseas companies.

Add to this the advantage of acquiring dual citizenship of New Zealand with Bangladesh enabling them to travel in most parts of the world without a visa and allowing them to work lifelong in Australia with family as well, an advantage showered only to New Zealand Citizens.

Isn’t it the best road map by which your young HSC/A Level/Equivalent pass-outs could be converted to responsible law abiding successful citizens of the World within a matter of only 5 – 10 years when they are still in their mid 20s while their counterparts are still in college or university who study locally and get entangled in session jams and other unnecessary impediments on their way to economic success and freedom.

The principle activity of Xpert Visa Council is to build lives of aspirants who are ideal for overseas education from Bangladesh. They do not come from the best institutes and are those who would otherwise be left alone in the competition that is prevalent in Bangladesh.

This means if you are the very best in Bangladesh or in your own country, and are sure of succeeding in the competition and getting admission in the best of medical colleges, engineering institute, best management institutes, or sure of getting the best of jobs by beating the competition, you are well off all by yourself and in your home country. There is no need for you, in general, to jump into something where you need to toil and work hard for success.

However, the judgment is on you and we do help such candidates as well. But we are honest and forthright in saying that we help those whom others leave aside, or to say rudely- REJECT. We help these people get world class education at competitive fees, and show the path to earn decent income that may put them in league or even in top of the earnings of the other so called successful professionals. Our students, at most times, earn at least 3 times more in the next 3 years or later when they avail the services of Xpert Visa Council and come to study in NZ than they would have got in their home country, or when compared to their friends and college mates who took other pathways. Our students, even, compete and come out to be better earners than so called relatively talented professionals and students with whom they have previously studied in Bangladesh.

The advice and services of Xpert Visa Council and most of its employees is without extravagance. We offer practical services, impart practical and achievable advice and never opt for opulence or pseudo packaging that may mislead a young and/or vulnerable mind to choose the wrong course in their life or career.

Our main mission and motto is to globalize the nation in a perfect and sophisticated manner in order to get back in to the competition of today’s world.

Xpert Visa Council would like to THANK all its associates, students, their families, their colleagues in tertiary colleges, universities, in New Zealand and Bangladesh, and all places their continued support and faith in our services and ways of doing things.