Xpert Visa Council assists students to make an informed decision on what is best for them. Counselors of Xpert Visa Council can provide ideas and information on overseas education. Xpert Visa Council agrees to provide the following services:english-speaking


Services we provide:

  • Student counseling for admission to colleges, Universities and Institutions in NZ.
  • Guidance and grooming to students who study and/or complete a course in NZ
  • Permanent Residence advice/help to those who land up with skilled jobs in NZ and thus get sufficient points for Skilled Migration.
  • Informing students about the relevant Student Visa and other issues.
  • Guiding and assisting students for their Visa applications lodgment.
  • Issuing Electronic Confirmation of Enrolment on authority of the institution.
  • Collecting visa stamped passports of the students.
  • Arranging air ticket for students if needed.
  • Arranging Pre-departure briefings.
  • Advice on accommodation and Jobs.
  • Organizing Accommodation & airport pickup coordination if needed.
  • Arranging guardianship for the High School Students below 18.
  • Full CV assessment to find the best solution.